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How to Develop More Self-Love

These ideas are a good start on the journey
to loving and accepting ourselves.
The more intimate a self-relationship we have
The more we’re able to offer love to others
And the more we increase our capacity to enjoy life.

The Gift of NO

The Gift of NO Yesterday I asked my daughter to get something from the car for me. Her response was: “No I don’t feel like it.” Expressing my Gratitude The […]

The Third Option

The Third Option Taking care of herself The other day I was at an event with my friend Tanya. It was 3 hour silent dance experience. It’s a pretty intense […]

The Challenge of Authenticity

The Challenge of Authenticity Showing My Whole Self Authenticity is challenging. When I am authentic with somebody I am exposing a deep vulnerability. I can’t be authentic without showing the […]

Competing Parenting Priorities

Competing Parenting Priorities The Pattern of Priorities In working with families over the years I have noticed one of the most common obstacles that people face is competing or contradictory […]

The Sage Miracle

The Sage Miracle Way back in 1995 I bought a van, pulled out the back seat and put a mattress in it. Then I took off and spent three months […]

Be a Parenting Ninja

Storming the Castle When the ninja would plan to take over a fortified castle they would do attack on many fronts. They would send some soldiers in to attack directly, […]