Being a father is more than just having a kid


Being a father is more than just having a kid

I want to be more

I want to be her hero.
I want to be magic.
I want to be an example of awesomeness.

I want to be the foundation upon which
she can stand and always feel
the solid ground under her feet.

Comfort in Pain

I want to be the soft comfort for her
when she is in pain.


I want to be the fountain of wisdom for her
when she seeks knowledge and understanding.

I want to be the source of inspiration for her
when she desires to push through her own limits
and reach for her own unreachable star.

Champion of Her Self-Esteem

I want to be the constant
champion of her self-esteem.
So that when she comes upon a situation where
someone is trying to make her feel less than worthy
she`ll know how special she is.

Her dad`s voice will ring in
her head and her heart saying:

“You are wonderful, beautiful and perfect.
Always love yourself and believe in yourself
just as you are.”

And her self-image will be invincible!

Unconditional Love

I want to be an unending spring
of unconditional love.

The catch is…
I have to be all of that in my own life
in order to be that for her!

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