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Kids are not acting out,
they are Reaching out.

When we remember this we get better at looking beneath the surface of what’s happening. We look at the deeper impact. That is why we parent through a lens of Nervous System Programming – NSP

With every interaction we inform our kids about:
Who we are
Who they are
Their place in the world
How the world works

This information isn’t only absorbed by the intellect, it’s a holistic experience. We impact our children on many levels in addition to the content alone. They are affected on Emotional, Relational, Environmental, Developmental, Physical and Spiritual levels as well.

Our influence on them is profound. Their nervous systems are being programmed by repeated experiences. As much as possible we want to engage with that influence consciously and in alignment with our deeply held values.

I talk about having Ice Berg Consciousness. Practicing looking beneath the surface of what’s going on to see the deeper layers at work.

If you visit my youtube channel you can watch a video where I go into detail about Nervous System Programming – NSP. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think of the ideas. I think this video can help a lot of parents so share it around as well please.

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