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Rationality Does Not Equal Reality

Rationality does not equal reality

Logic is Personal

Our perception of the world
and of reality itself
Stems from what seems
reasonable and rational to us

And yet it is not objective reality that we are experiencing.

What you feel is completely rational and logical
may not necessarily be so

There are many forms of logic and rationality
Perhaps there are as many forms as there are people?

There Is The Temptation To Impose Our Rationality On Our Children

This is especially important to remember as a parent.
It can be so easy for us to impose
our form of rationality and logic
on to our children.

Especially when it seems like their sense of rationality
is so out of whack with what we consider reality.

Kids Live In Their Own Reality

And yet kids really do live in a different reality from adults.
Their sense of rationality is perfectly logical from their perspective
even if it seems crazy to us as adults.

Respecting My Daughter’s Reality

From the day she was born
I chose to respect my daughter’s sense of reality
as equal to my own.

Even if I couldn’t experience it directly
I decided I would not hold her reality
as less valid.
Nor hold my version of reality as superior
in any way.

This can be very frustrating because
I naturally see my own sense of rationality as correct.

It has been challenging to constantly practice seeing
that my rationality is not necessarily reality.

Making The Choice To Follow Her Reality

Whenever there arose a situation in which
our values were different,
when we were seeing reality differently,
I would usually defer to my daughters intuition
rather than impose my own.

This has led to her having
a very strong belief in her own intuition
because I have always believed in it.

Creating an Inner Strength and Self-Confidence

As she grows into a young adult
and goes off into the world
she will know inside that she can trust her sense.

She also has developed the ability to
respect other people’s perspective
because that’s the model she’s grown up with.

Strive To See Your Kid’s Reality As Equal To Your Own

If you see your rationality as right
and your kid’s as wrong
you will always be struggling with each other

But if you are able to take your sense of rationality
and your child’s as equal,
even when they are very different,
then you’ll be able to work together
and find your way to greater and greater
harmony and connection.

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