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Nature and the City Boy

I am one with the
Mountains and Trees,
Wind and Clouds

I love to burn in the desert
and  melt into the ocean

When I listened to the glacier
It knew me
How is this possible?

Yet I was born and raised in the city
the concrete and tar
smog and cars
busy bustling rushing
honking swearing fighting

Did you know that there are power spots in the city too?
One must be able to discern them
beyond the noise
Beyond the tension, anger and stress
But they’re here

For cities are built upon the same earth
as the forest.

Nature and her wondrous power is available to us and every moment and in every circumstance.
We just have to be able to tune into it.

I remember years ago walking with a friend along a path in Banff. We saw a tree that had been surrounded by pavement. Just next to it was a tree very happily planted in the earth not touching the pavement.

I was thinking in that moment that the tree in the pavement had to fight harder to survive.

If that tree were planted somewhere else in an open and nurturing environment it would instantly thrive.

If the tree that was already in a nurturing environment were then to be planted and surrounded by pavement it would struggle to survive.

The adversity of the first tree gave it a strength and power it might not otherwise have had.

I try and remember this when I think that being a city boy means I am removed from nature. In fact I think I am able to bond with nature in a unique way because of my life experience.

The rain enjoys the texture of my skin
The rainbow delights in my colours
And the sky is in awe of my vastness

Nature and I  appreciate and nurture each other.

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