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Forgiveness is the Warrior’s Way

Forgiveness is the Warriors Way
A broken heart hurts more than almost anything
and it can cause us to lose ourselves in the pain.

I’ve experienced that in my life.
As well as betrayal, lies, sabotage and more.

Forgiveness Is Hard

but is necessary for us to find any measure of peace.
When the pain threatens to overwhelm
forgiveness can be a doorway out.

It will not be easy.
Dealing with pain never is.
The temptation to avoid facing the pain is always there.

Forgiveness is the Warrior’s Way

You will have to find the heart of the warrior
and lift yourself to a place of love.

Love in the midst of pain is one of the most difficult things to achieve
and also one of the highest states you can attain.
It is truly a warrior’s way.

Lighten Your Load

Forgiveness does not let the other person off the hook
Forgiveness lets you off the hook.
Carrying the pain around can really weigh you down.

At the same time it’s not an instantaneous thing.
It is a process.
It takes time, patience and persistence.

Practice Love

So I recommend
practicing love when you’re moved to anger
practicing love when you’re moved to lash out

and when you fail
and you do give into your anger and pain

Pick yourself up
dust yourself off
Love yourself,
forgive yourself (even if others don’t)
and try again
try again and again.

Your Victory is Inevitable

In the end you’ll win the war
for the battle is truly within
as is the enemy
but the weapon of forgiveness is yours to wield
the sword of love can cut the ego to pieces.

Victory is the inevitable result of consistent love.

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