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Trust The Master Within

Trust The Master Within
Trust The Master Within

All knowledge, all wisdom, and all the love you will ever need
exists inside of you at this very moment.

Turn to the Master within,
your own consciousness,
your own heart
and you will find all the wealth of life there.

Believe in the wisdom and guidance
of your own Divine Nature.
You will never be led astray.

Letting Go of Questions

When lost in the beauty of a sunset,
when immersed in your lover’s embrace,
when you hold your baby for the first time

These are not moments for questions,
but total awareness and acceptance.

These are moments for the poet’s mind, not the scholar’s.

Of course sunsets, sex and babies need to be studied.
But not ALL the time.

Nourish Your Heart

Knowledge needs to be increased,
but being also needs to be increased.
The heart needs to be filled.

This can only be achieved through nonlinear means.
Following the Master within
is the least linear thing that one can ever do.

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