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To Be Kind and Loving To My Kid I Must Be Kind And Loving To Others

I Must Recognize my mistakes and love myself through them
To Be Kind and Loving To My Kid

I Must Be Kind And Loving To Others

In my endeavour to be as nice, kind, loving and respectful to my daughter
I have found that it makes sense to try and treat everyone this way.
This of course includes treating myself with love and respect as well.

If you are talking to someone unlovingly
then it’s the same as if you talked to a child that way
for we all deserve the same love as we would give to a child.

In fact even children really deserve
more love and respect than they usually get.

Any time I am violent in my approach,
physically, verbally or emotionally
This contradicts the message of love I am trying to embody.
The violence can be mild, even invisible to others.
It may be in my hidden intent.
The effect still leaks through.

I Behave In a Non-Loving Way Every Day

Of course I do this every day.
I am human.
I have wounds, trauma and all the crap
that makes me behave in a non-loving way at times.

Fortunately I do my best to recognize what I am doing.
I’m not embarrassed to make a mistake
for I know that making mistakes is just part of life,
of growth and learning.

Encourage Children When They Make Mistakes

When my child makes a mistake
I don’t tell her she should be embarrassed
or that she’s a failure
or that she’s acting like a child
or punish or criticize her.

I give her love and support so she feels free to make more mistakes
and learn from them in her own way.
For it is the learning that turns mistakes into gifts.

If this is the way I treat her, why should I do any different to you or myself?
The answer is, of course, that I shouldn’t.
Everyone deserves the same love.

Recognize My Own Mistakes And Love Myself Through Them

When I recognize that I have acted in a less loving way
I take it as something for me to work on.
When I see the mistake I must love myself enough not to punish myself.

My internal habits are to criticize
To judge and feel bad about myself.
It takes conscious awareness for me to
Give myself the care I need in these moments.

Love Is A Choice

We can choose to give less love
or work at giving more
to ourselves and others.

We always have the choice,
but we don’t always make the right one.

in these moments the only thing we can do
is try to learn the lesson,

This is what I choose to do when I’m less than loving.
I acknowledge the error,
forgive myself and
work at being more loving next time.

Consciously, Continuously Practice Love

Continuously practicing this awareness is like
exercise for my love and respect muscles.
It is like doing pushups for the soul.

The better I get at this,
the more this becomes my natural way of being,
the more I naturally treat my child with the
highest level of love, kindness and respect that I am able to.

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