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You Cannot Find the Truth

you cannot find the truth
I Love You, Divine Master Within

I swim in Your Ocean
A wave rippling along the surface

Oh what importance I place upon this little wave.
What bigger folly can there be?

Rescue me from my delusion, my guide
and show me the Truth of the Ocean

There I will dwell eternally in Your depths
I Cannot Find The Truth

I seek truth, but I am not trying to FIND truth.
Trying to find it can be maddening because it is an impossible task.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to know the truth,
just that it is impossible to FIND the truth.

The reason is when you are “seeking” and “finding”
you are searching for something that is not you.
This is necessarily true, for you are the seeker

I Believe That The Truth Is Me.

Not that it is inside me,
but that it is me.
I cannot find me because I am me!

I am the seeker not the sought
I am the thinker behind the thought
I am the feeler of the feeling
The mover behind the motion
I am not the wave,
I am only Ocean

Show Me The Truth

In my poem above I am asking the Ocean to SHOW me the truth.
I’m not trying to find it on my own.
The wave seeking the Ocean is an amusing thought.

It is like the poem by the great mystic, Kabir:
“I laugh when I hear the fish in the water is thirsty.”

When I realize this it takes the burden off my shoulders
and places it on the Divine.
Because the little me cannot encompass the BIG me.

“The Finite Cannot Comprehend the Infinite”
-Tulshi Sen
From the book
Ancient Secrets of Success

Both are me
Master and disciple are one
Teacher and student are one
Ocean and wave are one

The wave is in the Ocean
But the whole ocean is not in the wave
Yet the wave CAN know it is nothing but Ocean

Separation is an Illusion

The wave has no separate reality of its own
Separation and limitation come from my perspective,
The distinctions are illusory,
but at my present state of development they seem very real,

so I ask the Ocean to liberate this wave
from the illusion that it is a separate wave
and show it the TRUTH that I am really the Ocean itself…


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