You Are a Firefly

the firefly shines from within
This blog post is so Beautiful.
Take a moment to read it then read my short response below.
We are Guardians of Their Light

Protecting the inner light of our children is more important than 99% of the things parenting is usually about.

Right after reading this blog I went straight to my 18 yr old daughter and told her that she’s a firefly.

I walked with her arm in arm to the kitchen as she went to fetch a glass of chocolate milk.

I said “Kiddo I want to tell you that you remind me of a Firefly.”

She said “Why, because I’m like a really good SciFi show that got cancelled after 2 seasons?” – she’s very funny!

I said “Yes, of course… And because you shine from within.”

She got her trademark little smile on her face and just said “Cool”

I feel so blessed.

There’s nothing like putting learning into immediate action!


  1. sulata


    My Gram always use to call me her firefly…. that was her secret name for me.Thanks for this blog

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