Creation vs Construction

creation vs construction
There is a difference between Creation and Construction.

True divine creation comes from no-thing and is limited by no conditions. Construction has only a fixed set of materials and a fixed set of plans. Living a Divine and purposeful life requires living beyond the normal and predictable expectations of things. I must find the power within to create a Divine life.

My past limits me
Limits my choices

Yet I can live an unlimited life!
The infinite potential is inside me.
IS me.

Realize Your True Nature

I have only to realize it and I can free myself from the limitations that hold me back.
Haha, I say “only to realize it” as if it’s no big deal. Okay it’s not that easy a thing to accomplish.
But honestly, what else am I going to do with my time?

I have many dreams and perhaps some I have not dreamt yet!
How can I open my heart to the grand visions while trapped in the past?

Desire From the Core of Your Being

As I work at realizing my true nature
I gradually open to the beauty and power of the present.
The more I do that the more I’m able to desire from the core of my being,
Rather than the periphery.

I want my heart to dictate my visions
Not my past, my fear nor my conditioning.
When I’m living this way I am creating, not constructing.
Then I’m making my life and fresh in every moment
Instead of replaying the past over and over.

This is freedom.

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