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Do the Clouds Cry?

do the clouds cry
When leaves fall
Do trees grieve?

I wonder

Do the clouds cry out
when they let the rain fall?

I wonder

Loss is a natural part of life, of existence.
If we can learn to bear loss with equanimity we will discover a great peace.

This equanimity does not come from forcing away the pain,
but from finding peace in the midst of pain with the power of higher understanding.
This can actually allow us to feel the loss more deeply than before.
As well as allow us to let it go with more ease.

Like the tree
Like the clouds

Let go in peace
Let the wisdom of nature enter your being
and show you, yourself.

You are natural and the cycles of nature and change are a part of you.
Your very life is a reflection of the seasons.

The tree does not mourn the leaf, for it knows the next spring is coming.
The cloud does not mourn the rain, for it knows it will be full again.

Be like a force of nature and trust the seasons of your being.

We can find greater peace in loss through this understanding.

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