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You are Important!

you are important

You have a purpose to fulfill upon the earth.

It is important.
You are important.
Believe this!

It may not seem so in the grand scheme of things.
When you look at the world and all that is going on.
When you look at the stars and see how small we really are!

And yet I encourage you to believe it anyway.
You are important.
Your purpose is important.
In all of time and space, infinite past and future
there is only One You.

When the stress and busyness of life makes us forget who we are,
let us take a moment to breathe and believeā€¦

Breathe and believe.

Believe in your worth
Believe in your power
Believe in your purpose

Even if you don’t know exactly what your purpose is yet
believe in its worth and importance.

Walking through the world in this way
you will live with consciousness and with direction.
Clarity and opportunities will come your way
and you will be awake and aware enough to receive them.

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